M&M Auto Brokers Inc.

Mitchell Vitella, owner of M & M Auto Brokers Inc., has called Okeechobee home since 2002. Originally from South Florida, Mitchell and his family owned and operated GCR Transport there for over 19 years. With their passion for the outdoors, horses, air boating and quick trips to the beach, the Vitella family settled into the Okeechobee way of life with ease. Mitchell’s son, Anthony, graduated from Okeechobee High School 2012, and has since found success as a supervisor in the home remodeling industry.

Mitchell has owned and operated M & M Auto Brokers since 2007, and has sold thousands of vehicles in and around Okeechobee County. He said, “ How fortunate I am to be able to help folks from all walks of life.” M & M Auto is more than just a local car dealership. The office is very welcoming, and often you can find locals just hanging out, chatting it up, drinking coffee, and eating lunch with Mitchell. (or eating Mitchell’s lunch!)

If you haven’t been to M&M Auto Brokers, come on by and meet Mitchell. He is happy to work with you because he really is, “A Sweetheart of a Guy”!